solution focused hypnotherapy with free CDThere are very few of us who are as confident as we would like to be. We might label someone we thought as having too much confidence, as being arrogant.  Nevertheless most of us would recognise that life would be somehow better or we would make better progress, if we had more confidence in one area or another.

It may have come to a point where your lack of confidence is holding you back.

Passing my TestAre you looking for the confidence you need to perhaps pass a driving test, give a confident business speech or find the general confidence you need to move forward?  A powerful combination of Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Therapy can help to break the negative outlook and put you firmly back into a more positive frame of mind.

Once you start to think and feel more confident (and I know that may seem difficult at the moment), the brain itself will step in to support the process.  The intellectual part of your brain will start to take control. Your skills and experience can then come to the fore.

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Is poor Self Esteem making it difficult for you to find the happiness you are looking for?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy South West
As an osteopath I thought I understood the body fairly well, but with Victoria's help she has helped me understand my symptoms, and how to treat them not just in the short term but to make positive longterm changes. I cannot thank her enough for her help.
                 J. Taunton
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Taunton

There may be lots of reasons behind your lack of self-esteem. It may stem right back to your childhood or perhaps it may have started in some Feeling relaxed & confidenttraumatic event. Whatever the cause, it is most likely that feelings associated with poor self esteem have been reinforced over time. Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Therapy can break down the despondent feelings and patterns of negative thinking that perpetuate poor self esteem.

As a more positive outlook starts to take root, self esteem can grow. Success can build on success and an upward spiral of self-confidence and life experience can move you towards becoming the person that you were meant to be.

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